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Global macroeconomist whose research, writing, advisory work and speaking focuses on helping individuals, organisations and governments adopt a longevity agenda in the face of an ageing society


-Martin Wolf, Financial Times

Longevity Imperative

Past progress created longer lives. Future progress has to be about making the most of this additional time by changing how we age. The Longevity Imperative outlines the required changes in our health system, the economy and the financial sector and cultural and political shifts needed to ensure life isn’t just longer but also healthier, productive and engaged for longer.

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14 Mar 2024


Andrew’s recent academic work focuses on the economics of longevity and ageing. How long can we expect to live for? Are we ageing better? What are the economic gains to healthy longevity? How can we support working for longer? These and a range of related issues are covered in his recent and current research.

From an ageing to a longevity society

There is much talk of an ageing society and the rising number of older people. We have to focus also on a longevity society and adjust to the realities of longer lives. An ageing society begins when there are lots of people aged over 65. A longevity society begins when there are lots of people who can expect to live beyond 65.


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