Are you ready for a 100-year life?

Economist focusing on Longevity and Ageing Society

For the first time in history, the young can expect to become very old, and that changes everything–from what we eat, to the age at which we retire, to how societies tackle cultural stereotypes about aging. These changes–this expectation of a longer life–will require us to shift what we do at every age and will demand a transformation of our health systems, the financial sector, and the economy overall.

Andrew J. Scott is the world’s leading expert on the economics of longevity and on ensuring that our lives aren’t just longer but also happier, healthier and more productive. An award winning researcher, speaker, author and teacher he is a co-founder of The Longevity Forum, co-author of the global bestseller, “The 100 Year Life,” and a professor of economics at London Business School, Scott’s research focuses on the implications of longevity and his advisory work on helping individuals, non-profits, corporations, and governments to seize the benefits of a longer-living society.

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