The Sunday Times article: “The new normal: what life after the coronavirus will look like”

Andrew J Scott and his co-author Lynda Gratton write about how coronavirus has influenced society in how we live and work. Covid-19 has changed the way we live and work. We have learned how to work remotely, balance childcare and keep healthy. With an older population, there’s a new narrative around an ageing society. The question is…how has covid influenced our future? We are living longer and healthier lives more than ever before.

  • With longer lives means more years of work

  • There will also be a shift in job formats as we need to balance our family lives

  • Technology and AI will make keeping jobs more difficult so lifelong learning will be vital

  • Multiple stages of life including reinventing oneself

  • Since there will be more older workers, we will find more offices with intergenerational workforces

  • Changing perspective on an ageing society and older people

Click to read the full article in The Sunday Times Magazine (24 May 2020) on life after coronavirus.

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