UN Desa: Sustainable Goals and Longevity Agenda

The Sustainable Development Goals and a Longevity Agenda

By Professor Andrew Scott, Department of Economics, London Business School and Research Fellow, Center for Economic and Policy Research 

The world population has reached 8 billion, a fourfold increase since the early 20th century. Achieving long-run prosperity for all in the face of this increase has been a motivating force for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

This 8 billion landmark marks a time of change for demographic trends. Population growth is expected to slow as declining fertility rates offset the impact of higher life expectancy. A number of countries are projected to see declining populations. Japan, for instance, is expected to end the 21st century with a population of 74 million, down from its 2010 peak of 128 million.

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Population Sustainable Goals and Longevity Agenda Andrew J Scott

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