Please see below for the 18 June technology and longevity webinar entitled “Tech + Longevity – Implications for Jobs and Careers“. This webinar explains how technological advancements and AI are changing how we live and work as well as the affects on ageing.

AI and robotics are increasingly disrupting the labour market leading to a shift in the demand for different jobs and skills. At the same time longer lives are extending our careers and requiring us to work for longer. How will longer life spans, AI and robotics interact to change society and the economy? Issues covered in the technology and longevity webinar include::

  • Where are we now?
  • What does technology imply about employment and jobs?
  • How does this interact with longevity?
  • How has this changed historically?
  • What does it mean for you and your career? How can you prepare and protect yourself? Discussion on several example careers and the long term importance of more “human” jobs. 
  • What do we need from governments, corporates and our educational system if we are to succeed? 
  • All stages of life will be changed as we will need to prepare early for technological change
  • The webinar discussion technology and longevity will draw from my new book “The New Long Life: A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World”

For more on the subject of tech and longevity, my book is now out in the UK “The New Long Life” – available here. 

For my last webinar on Implication of Covid-19 on an ageing society, please click here.

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