Laura Walker

National Academy of Medicine Report

The National Academy of Medicine report on rising to the grand challenge of achieving healthy longevity covers the topic using a range of disciplines, a global viewpoint and an evidence based perspective. Such a big and important topic and a privilege to be one of the commissioners. View the full report here.

The Lancet Healthy Longevity: The Longevity Society

As the demographic transition enters a new stage of a longevity transition, focus needs to extend beyond an ageing society towards a longevity society. An ageing society focuses on changes in the age structure of the population, whereas a longevity society seeks to exploit the advantages of longer lives through changes in how we age. …

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The Lancet Healthy Longevity: The Longevity Economy

The fact that people are on average living healthier, longer lives than previously has the potential to be positive for the economy, offsetting the negative economic effects of an ageing society. A longevity economy will see a shift in the mix of sectors in the economy, with both health and education expanding further and new …

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Andrew Scott aarp

AARP: Longer Lives, Longer Career

Longer Lives, Longer Career The good news is the average American is living a lot longer than they used to and most of those extra years are spent in good health. In 1912 the Sherwood Act introduced a pension for veterans. In the more than 100 years since, life expectancy at birth has risen by 24 years (Our World in Data, n.d.). Someone today aged 65 can expect an additional 10 more years of life compared to someone aged 65 in 1912. This is a fantastic achievement – worthy of celebration. It does, however, have profound implications for the world of work. The math is simple – if you …

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