Webinar video “Covid, An Ageing Society & The Longevity Agenda”

"Covid, an Ageing Society and the Longevity Agenda" hosted by Andrew J Scott

Thank you to those who joined me on Thursday, May 14th at 6pm BST for my webinar on “Covid, An Ageing Society & The Longevity Agenda”. For all the millions of words written about this awful virus its surprising how little has focused on these topics. With that in mind the following issues are covered in this webinar:

  • How an ageing society has shaped both the economic response to this crisis and how we should exit lockdown 
  • What will be the impact on life expectancy and how does Covidchange “The 100 Year Life” agenda? 
  • What does all this mean for long term financial planning, pensions and insurance? 
  • How the crisis has revealed deep confusions in our concepts of ‘old age’ and intergenerational relationships 
  • The need to focus on achieving a healthy economy and a healthy population

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